Insta-Worthy Bathrooms

14 Jun

Bathrooms should never just be considered as practical or functional rooms when they can be so much more than just that. Here at Bathline, our design experts pride themselves on creating bathrooms that you love to be in. Bathrooms of luxury and beauty.

We know we’re not the only ones that think this way, so we decided to do a little exploring and create a list of 7 of the most beautiful bathrooms from over the world.

1.) THE LUDLOW (New York)

Situated on the Lower East Side, this luxurious hotel offers you the dreamy bathrooms you would expect with the location. Pristine white and minimalist colour palettes, this bathroom’s skyline views are the ultimate laid back aesthetic.

2.) IL SALVIATINO (Florence)

The bathrooms in this restored 15th century villa are truly a work of art. Rustic tones combined with freestanding tubs made of ancient Roman stone, you can enjoy your relaxing soak by looking up at 19th century frescoes which line the ceiling.

3.) THE RITZ (Paris)

The Ritz recently had a makeover, as the hotel described it, it was “modernised but with discretion”. You’ll notice that the gilded swan faucets are still as they were at the inauguration of the Ritz, and that marble and porcelain remain the material of choice. The peach tones added with the bath linens further adds to the delicate class of this bathroom.

4.) THE SILO HOTEL (South Africa)

Without doubt the focal point of the bathrooms in The Silo Hotel are the floor to ceiling windows with spectacular views. Each piece of artwork was commissioned exclusively for the Silo. The bathroom features coloured glass, an excellent choice of feature that will be shown off with the bright South African sun.


Featuring hand carved granite tubs, rain showers and heated limestone floors, this bathroom features all sorts of modern commodities while keeping a clean and minimal open plan. We particularly like the wall to wall mirrors.

6.) CONSERVATORIUM (Amsterdam)

From ceiling to floor, this bathroom is clad entirely in Jerusalem sandstone. The sleek surfaces give an undeniable sense of luxury but the muted tones hint at the 19th century roots of this hotel. The open shower and deep soak tub give even this small room a sense of opulence.


The bathrooms in the Hotel Café Royal are head to toe marble. This opulent hotel has a Royal Suite that is 3,000 square feet and features 4 bathrooms in it! One of the most unique features of these bathrooms are the built-in tv screens into the bathroom mirrors.

We hope you enjoyed having a look at these bathrooms as much as we did! Maybe they even inspired you to try something a little different in the design of your bathroom? No matter what you have in mind, our expert design team will be able to help. So call into your local Bathline store to speak to a member of our team – or make an appointment online at: