Your Dream Bathroom starts with Great Design

28 Jun

Here at Bathline, our in-house Design Experts are on hand to guide you every step of the way and work with you to create your dream bathroom. A well thought-out and carefully planned bathroom is an absolute essential on your checklist when remodelling or building.   An often unloved space can be completely transformed with the right planning.  They will walk you through the design process and help you to unlock possibilities within your space using 3D & 4D virtual technology.

A quick scroll through Instagram and Pinterest will open up an abundance of inspiration with eclectic bathroom solutions that you might never have imagined.


Big and small bathrooms are given the equal credit they deserve. Smaller bathrooms lend themselves well to quirky and unique pieces that may not suit a larger space, while big bathrooms can often bring a heightened sense of opulence with a statement freestanding bath complimented by hanging plants and innovative accessories to dress the room.

Draw your own inspiration from real life bathrooms & bathroom design trends in 2019 so far, as this is a great place for our experts to start building on at your initial consultation.  Take a look at the key factors in creating a bathroom design below:-



There are two main style trends to consider: Traditional and Contemporary.  Recently Instagram has been blowing up with a new style trend that is a traditional-contemporary twist that sees home owners choosing a traditional style but including innovative solutions like rimless wall hung WC’s and recessed drench showers.  Take a look at some brands showcasing their style:-

Bathroom by Crosswater. For more inspiration visit

Make sure that your bathroom sits harmoniously with the rest of your house as conflicting styles may make your home appear disjointed.  Choose a floor tile that complements the floor colour and texture you have running through your house.  We have an extensive range of tiles available from Halo Tiles.

Hex tile from Halo

Artisan Rose Mallow tile from Halo Tiles


Be aware of the overall size of your bathroom by taking precise measurements so that our team can plan your ideal bathroom to the smallest detail.  A bathroom can easily feel cluttered if a bath or vanity unit is too large for a room and will become overbearing for the space.  Functionality before form (without compromising on design) is a key factor to keep at the front of your mind.   By seeking professional help from Bathline, we will advise you on the layout and size of products that will work best in your room.  If space is an issue we work with incredible suppliers who have spatial awareness at the forefront of their minds when designing their pieces.  Laufen & Geberit do this particularly well and are the benchmark for smart storage solutions.

Laufen Ino storage and basin. See more at


Just like choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit, a bathroom is never complete without its finishing touches. Pre-planned recessed boxes are perfect for housing scented candles and guest towels – these small details add luxury to your room.  Aqualla have brought out a new stainless steel recessed box perfect for shower enclosures as they are easily installed with minimal aftercare when cleaning and is a great way to stop your shower feeling cluttered with bottles.

At Bathline, with every tap range there will nearly always be complimentary accessories set to go along with it to keep a pleasant shape flowing throughout the room. See the Rose Gold range from Axor.




Round mirrors are fast becoming a must have in many bathrooms, HiB have just brought out 2 gorgeous new LED mirrors ‘Sphere’ and ‘Arena’.  Think ahead if you are considering installing an LED mirror as home owners may be left disappointed if they have not got an electric cable point over their basin. A simple coloured framed mirror can also bring life to your vanity unit if you don’t have any electric points nearby.

HiB Sphere Illuminated Mirror


As previously touched on there is no limits to designing a beautiful bathroom from the size of your room.  A small cloakroom may just be the star of your home if you plan well and emphasise its quirky features.  Recently, there have been a lot of under the stairs WC conversions that pack a punch with vibrant patterned tiles & coloured sanitary-ware.  Utilise every inch of the room by building in clever storage solutions to maximise the functionality with spacious vanity units.  Many of our showroom displays highlight what is possible to achieve in a smaller space.

If you are struggling to create your dream bathroom due to space limitations, consider knocking into an adjoining room that may not be used, or relocate the bathroom to a different room if your budget and time constrains allow this undertaking.  Our recommended installers will be able to advise you how achievable this will be.

If you have any further enquiries, we would love for you to call into your local Bathline Showroom. You can also get in touch with us via the contact page on our website: