It’s Time for a 21st Century Bathroom

18 Jan

Traditional 21st century bathroom

Is your bathroom stuck in a time warp? If you’re still suffering an outdated seventies avocado suite, then you’ll be wanting to drag your bathroom into the 21st century with the latest on trend accessories and fittings. It’s not as hard as you might think, with these simple steps to updating one of the most important spaces in your home:

Showers – Old showers can look tired and grubby, and if your old faithful is only supplying you a dribble to wash under then it’s time to lay it to rest and invest in something with a little more oomph. If you fancy a brand new shower for improving water pressure, or just need to refresh the shower head and curtain, this is an important place to start for transforming the bathroom!

Flooring – There’s not much worse than walking onto a cold bathroom floor in the morning, so if you’re stuck with old-fashioned lino, or even worse, carpet, it’s time for a change. Thankfully, bathroom flooring is often only a small space, so it can be a cost-effective way to modernise the room. There are numerous options, from stripping back old floorboards and painting them, laying luxury tiles, or even just covering the floor with thick, luxurious rugs can make all the difference.

Theme – One way to update your room is to choose a theme to work with. Whether you prefer a classic, futuristic, spa-like or French-style décor, you’ll be amazed at the choice available. A high-end boutique bathroom theme would include things like ornate round mirrors, glass perfume bottle decorations, mood lighting and new brass taps fittings, for example. Other modern trends include eco-friendly, minimalistic and antique.

Technology – Why not make your bathroom smarter? If you love gadgets and gizmos, then you can create a super-modern bathroom by making it work smarter for you. From smart lighting options to toilet sensors, digital taps and toilet seat warmers to ones that can self-clean. If you’re going to update, why not bring the room right up to date and beyond?

Light – Even a small bathroom can be made to look more spacious with the clever use of light and wall mounting. Clearing surfaces and wall-mounting cabinets will instantly give the impression of more room. Mirrors are another great way to reflect light from the window back into the room. Choosing neutral colours to help the spacious feel doesn’t have to look insipid if you choose warm tones and avoid heavy contrasts in any pattern or design. Instead focus on one bold pattern feature or geometrical shapes are vary on-trend at the moment.