Having a Spa Experience in your own Bathroom

08 Jan

Spa experience

Imagine if you could experience the decadence and luxury of the spa every time you stepped into your bathroom?

Well, now you can with these simple steps. Turn your bathroom into a blissful escape and not just a place to do your ablutions!

Welcome in the Outdoors
The easiest way to have that peaceful, calm vibe is to introduce some nature to your décor. Whether you opt for a variety of houseplants around the tub or a beautiful hanging plant to trail down in romantic fashion, going green is a must. When you think of spas and luxury high-end hotel bathrooms, they all incorporate a touch of nature.

Indulgent Scrubs
When you visit a spa, you get treated to all kinds of wonderful massages and skin treatments, so make sure your bathroom tools are up to the task. Invest in all those luxurious brushes, loofahs, sea sponges and indulgent bubble baths. Not only will you feel thoroughly spoiled, but they make great high-end décor accessories too.

Free-standing Tub
For the ultimate in decadence, no heavenly bathroom is complete without a free-standing tub. Whether you prefer the vintage look or a stylish, contemporary tub, you’ll find a variety of stunning options to suit all bathroom styles. Combine with a thick, super soft rug and some fresh white cotton towels for the absolute spa-like bathroom.

Storage Solutions
Ever been to a messy spa? No, and with good reason. To create a zen-like vibe, a space must be clutter-free. Updating your bathroom should include clever storage ideas that maximise the available space and leave the room looking tidy and organised. If you choose open shelving, keep items stored neatly. You could even consider transferring bath products into attractive glass jars instead of plastic bottles.

Include Natural Elements
As well as including plants and flowers in your bathroom, natural elements are also a feature found in spas that you can easily emulate. Materials like wood and stone, in neutral or light tones will add an earthy feel to your bathroom. Perhaps consider a stone sink or natural wood cabinets to make a real spa statement.

Here Comes the Rain
One of the easiest ways to bring a touch of spa serenity to your bathroom is by changing your shower head. Shower time should be a rejuvenating, whole body experience and a new shower head can make this a little bit more special. There are a variety of deluxe power shower heads and even a smaller shower can be improved with the addition of a rainfall head for example. Wake yourself up in the morning in pure rainforest luxury!

Get Moody
Getting the lighting right can work magic on the mood and atmosphere of a room. While you’ll need strong spot lighting for mirror areas, a low lighting option should be available to create a serene feeling for bathing. Concealed lighting works great for creating a spa-like ambience, as does soft glow spotlights and underlighting for mirrors.