Make the virtual world a reality in your home

24 May

Make the virtual world a reality in your home with BATHLINE Bathroom Showrooms.

At BATHLINE, like many other companies around the world, we are using virtual reality to enhance our customer’s bathroom design experience. Using virtual reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular, providing customers with the visual capability to experience their finished bathroom while still at the planning stage.  This allows them to make design changes with no risk and try out different options to make sure they truly love the final result for years to come.

Below we look at the benefits of the bathroom design virtual reality experience:

The “WOW” Factor

Offering customers a virtual reality bathroom design experience produces a “WOW” factor. Whilst showing a computer design render is exciting and beneficial, providing a 360 panoramic walk through of your own bathroom using VR glasses can be inspirational and motivating providing that WOW moment.

Seeing your design, having a visual walk through your future bathroom provides a calm reassurance and clarity of thought in regards to the space and functionality of elements within your bathroom.

Open your wall cabinet, view your bath or walk into your shower; check out options for tiles for your floor and walls. Its moments like these that make it exciting and all worthwhile.

4D Immersive Experience

The virtual reality bathroom design experience offers BATHLINE customers a complete 4D immersive experience like no other. It is as close to the reality of what your finished bathroom will look like before making a final decision.

Our virtual reality glasses provide added value for both the customer and our BATHLINE designer, allowing both parties to visually review the space before fully committing. It also provides a way of raising questions and highlighting potential uncertainties allowing our designer to resolve any concerns.

Avoids Mistakes & Time Loss

Using the BATHLINE virtual bathroom design experience means a lot of mistakes can potentially be avoided with VR glasses. It also makes the design process potentially quicker reducing back-and-forth visits to the showroom. Not only can BATHLINE customers visually see the space and discuss what they like or dislike, but our designers, can see if there is something that is not quite right.

By reviewing your design through VR glasses, it’s easier to gauge what needs to be changed or modified. This saves a lot of time for both customers and the BATHLINE designers, as it helps reduce the number of changes required helping customers to envision their bathroom well before the project even begins.

Share the VR Experience at Home

At BATHLINE we offer the capability of being able to turn your smartphone into virtual reality glasses. Customers are offered cardboard portable headsets allowing them to give friends and family a similar experience in the peace of their own home.

This experience allows our bathroom showroom customers to review, consider and provide feedback to our designers.


BATHLINE is committed to providing our customers a complete design experience.  From your initial visit to our showrooms to bathroom design and ordering, we are with you every step of the way. Our virtual reality bathroom design service is an added feature to allow BATHLINE to make your experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Visit one of the BATHLINE Design Showrooms and let us make the virtual world a reality in your home.