How to inject colour into your bathroom with these easy steps

24 Sep

Bathroom Colours - Bathline

When it comes to bathroom suites, Northern Ireland homeowners are never afraid to try out a new trend. We draw the line at avocado bathroom furniture, but Northern Ireland is once again embracing eye catching colour in the bathroom.

Our guide to bathroom colours is packed with quick, easy and affordable ways to add a splash of colour to your bathtime!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

The cheapest and most reversible way to add colour into your bathroom design is with accessories. You can really afford to be bold with bright colours, and even have a different accent colour every week. 

Pair a neutral bathroom suite with brightly coloured or patterned towels, a bathmat, and soap dispensers or soap dishes. Choose a bathroom mirror with a frame that can be painted, and then use inexpensive paint sample pots to change the frame colour whenever you like.

Up against the wall

Another affordable way to add colour to bathroom suites is to paint it on the walls. Bearing in mind that very deep colours will be more difficult to paint over again, adding colour to your walls with a lick of paint is a great way to get started with bathroom colour. For small bathrooms, a coloured feature wall means your bathroom colours won’t leave a small space feeling cramped. Keeping the rest of the room white or neutral means it’s easy to change your scheme if you decide you want to try another colour in the future. 

Art attack

From posters in plastic frames to original paintings, hanging colour on your bathroom walls is a great way to introduce colour. There is so much great wall art available, that you’ll have a huge range of choice, from black and white to multi-coloured designs. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated to prevent warping or peeling of your artworks. 

Do it with tile

Coloured tile is a beautiful way to make a colour statement in the bathroom. Choose a block colour or patterned coloured tiles to suit the look you’re going for. They’re a versatile option as you can tile your bathroom from floor to ceiling, tile just the walls or the floors, or even tile the top or bottom half of your wall. We’ve seen really inventive bathroom designs, where homeowners used tiles to draw attention to a focal point. Try it yourself in a jazzy backsplash, or as the backdrop to a stunning waterfall shower. 

Scores on the doors

A coat of coloured paint on your bathroom door is another inexpensive way to add a splash of colour to your bathroom design. If the rest of the bathroom is clean, bright white, your chosen colour will really pop. To make it really funky, experiment with accessories in a clashing colour. 

Rainbow bright

Another idea if you’re using coloured accessories and details against a crisp, white bathroom suite is to go multicoloured! Fully embrace the rainbow with rainbow print accessories, or make every item a different colour to create your own rainbow. Window blinds, towels, bathmats, soap dispensers and soap dishes are just some of the ways you can bring colour to a neutral scheme.