Incorporating Black & White Tiles Into Any Space

26 Jan

Bathroom Tiles - Bathline

Bathroom tiles are the number one choice for stylish bathrooms and it’s easy to see why. As well as offering durability, they pair beautifully with underfloor heating and look great beside the bathroom furniture in Northern Ireland homes.

Not to mention the huge range of styles offering endless interior design options. Possibly too many! Which is why we see, time again, people returning to the tried and tested classics – black and white. 

If you have decided to explore the magic of monochrome bathroom tiles in your bathrooms, look no further. Our guide shows you how you can easily incorporate black and/or white into your home.

50 shades of black 

Remember there is no such thing as just one shade of black or white. Think less “black and white photo” and more “greyscale glamour”. Experiment with different shades to add real depth to your new interior design. 

Play with pattern

Another great way to explore the potential of black and white tiles in bathrooms is through patterns. There are some stunning examples of patterned tile designs in black and white. Or get even more creative and create your own designs. You can cut tiles down into different sizes and shapes and fit them together however you choose.

Talking texture

Create visual interest by using black and white tiles in a range of different textures and finishes. Raised textured designs, matt, shiny, satin effect, mix and match different materials… You may be using only one or two colours but that frees you up to involve as many different finishes and textures as you like for a super contemporary look.

Shape up

Incorporating black and/or white into your bathroom can be showstopping if you use bold geometric designs. You could create these yourself by laying tiles in different formations – think chessboard or even create big diamond patterns using floor tiles or wall tiles. Or why not step away from square tiles altogether. Black hexagon tiles and white hexagon tiles may be a little tricker to install but it’s worth it for the stylish finish look.