Give your bathroom a romantic makeover

24 Feb

Bathroom furniture - Bathline

If your bathroom is more of a blank canvas than a masterpiece, then why not give it a romantic makeover? Whether you’re starting with plain white hues or a bold colour scheme and texture galore, we have tonnes of tips and tricks to transform your space and give it a loving refresh!

When looking for bathroom furniture in Northern Ireland, we can forget that we’re designing one of our most intimate spaces. Regardless of size, we think the bathroom feel should be like a sanctuary and sprinkling a little romance is the perfect way to do it. We think we have ideas for every taste and budget to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Splash of colour

The first place to start is with colour. It’s a budget friendly way to change up your bathroom design. What romance looks like in colour is up to you. You could repaint it pink from ceiling to floor, or you could add accents of rose gold in tiling and light fixtures or even non-permanent ways with accessories like soap dishes. There is a wide range of pretty items you can pick up, with something for every budget.

Scent from heaven

If you love your bathroom furniture and colours, why not do something as simple as add a luxury scented candle, wax melt, or even an oil burner? It not only adds a budget friendly focal point, but creates a soothing atmosphere in which to enjoy a glass of wine and really unwind – you deserve it. 

A Light Touch

Harsh lighting, while sometimes practical, certainly doesn’t lend itself to romantic interior design. Think about your light fixtures – is there a pretty or luxurious looking lighting option which could provide softer light? Changing the lighting in a bathroom design, whether wall mounted or ceiling fixtures, can actually change the look of everything, from your bathroom furniture to your walls and accessories. 

Flat to the Mat

We forget that unlike our living rooms, we have items in our bathrooms which can be easily switched up regularly without much expense. For non-permanent bathroom decorating ideas, why not add an eye catching splash of romantic pink, soft peach or sensuous purple with your bath mats, shower curtains and towels? This is also a great option if you’re on a bathroom budget, don’t want to change the bathroom furniture or have a small bathroom.

Clean and tidy

There’s no romantic mood killer like a stack of toilet rolls! If you don’t have the storage to stash them out of sight, why not opt for containers made of natural materials, like wicker baskets or boxes to store the utilitarian items away.