Far Out Tile Combinations

16 Nov

Bathroom Tiles - Bathline

Bathroom tiles are one of the easiest ways to make a bold bathroom statement. From feature walls to floor to ceiling colour, bathrooms in NI have countless options for standout style. Clash or complement bathroom furniture – it’s completely up to you! Shiny white bathroom tiles are not the only option in 2021…

The main feature

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create great bathroom tile feature. This is a great way to play with bolder decor ideas for the first time. Create an eyecatching shower enclosure, balanced out by plainer colours or tiles in the rest of the bathroom. Or push the boundaries and extend out a tiled feature to cover both the wall and floor.

Say it with mosaic

Mosaic tiles are a brilliant way to turn a modern bathroom into a luxury zone. Pair earthy tones with cool neutrals in your bathroom furniture for a confident, spa-like bathroom style. Pick square tiles for a look that’s bang up to date. 

Monochrome magic 

Single colour bathrooms are the ultimate statement of style for the modern bathroom in Northern Ireland this year. It’s not all about the classic black and white, but we’re seeing many homeowners and interior designers pick black tiles as the dominant colour for walls and floors. Pinks are also popular, from baby soft to bright fuschia. Bathroom tiles can be used to soften the ‘full on’ effect of monochrome, by choosing different shades, materials and textures of tiles. 

Splash out

One of our favourite bathroom tile ideas in 2021 is to use contrasting tiles as a splashback for sinks and baths. Tile a splashback using a tile in a visibly different colour or shape to the rest of the bathroom and bathroom furniture. Northern Ireland bathrooms also look great with a bright white splashback against a dark or patterned wall.

Pattern and texture

A patterned tile is a great way to add personality and flair to your space. Marble tiles offer luxurious swirls of natural pattern within the tiles, or get creative and mix and match different colours and tile shapes to create your own designs. 

The Clash

Put a truly unique spin on the tiled bathroom by having two completely different tiles side by side in your bathroom. Tile your bathroom floor in a different size, colour and shape of tile to your wall or floor. This one really rips up the rulebook for bathrooms, but we love the result. 

Different directions

Rectangular tiles don’t have to be uniformly placed on your bathroom walls and floors. Why not experiment with having some laid sideways and some lengthways? It can be a clever solution to tiling awkward spaces, with the bonus of creating a unique look in your bathroom.

Mix it up 

If you can’t decide between a beautiful hardwood floor or smooth tiles, why not have both? Create a tiled area of your floor to make a feature of a beautiful bath, with stunning wooden floorboards right beside it. These ‘clash and contrast’ styles are getting bolder by the year and we are here for it. Go all out with a white tile against a dark wood, or vice versa. 

Modern shapes

Hexagonal tiles are one of the most versatile examples of this trend. Whether you go for bold or neutral colours, a strong geometric shape will always be a bold style statement. We’re also seeing more variety of square tiles on the market. An oversized square tile can create a breathtaking bathroom floor, while smaller square tiles (particularly in glossy whites) bring a 21st century ‘subway chic’ to bathrooms.

Create zones

If you have a small bathroom, you can still go big on your tile style. By using different colours, textures and shapes of tiles to mark out the different zones of your bathroom, you can make the space feel more roomy, while creating a look that’s all your own. A white bathroom with different tiles in the shower, under the bath or behind the sink can really make a small bathroom pop.