Enhance Your Bath Time Experience With Some Simple Self Care Must Haves

23 Mar

Underfloor heating - Bathline

Our bathrooms should be more than just a place to scrub down and brush our teeth. Well chosen bathroom furniture can transform a functional space into a much-needed sanctuary. 

As the leading name in bathroom furniture in NI, this is our experts’ guide to making sure your bath time is much more than just a quick soak. 

You nose it makes sense

Relaxation is the number one reason for enjoying a bath. A relaxing bath can be restorative, but aromatherapy can supercharge the effect. With well chosen essential bath oils, you can create an experience that restores mind and body.

If you’re trying to wind down for sleep, try lavender to help you get sleepy. As well as relieving aches and pains, eucalyptus can give you a boost and refresh you. Chamomile can be relaxing and calming.

Added to bathwater, oils can leave your skin feeling soft and nourished too. 

Rediscover play

Remember how much fun bathtime was when you were younger? Surrounded by Matey bubbles and rubber ducks and bath toys, we didn’t want to leave until our fingers were wrinkled like prunes.

Why not embrace the fun element of bathtime and make it a real sanctuary from the real world? It’s one of the few places where nobody cares what you do or what you look like.

There are loads of fun bath bombs that add colour, glitter and fizz to a bath – treat yourself to one or two. Did you know you can get underwater disco lights for your bath? You do now! There are Crayola colour drops you can add to your bath. Biodegradable powder that will turn your bath into a giant bowl of jelly (and a second powder to turn it back into water to go down the plughole!).

Bathing culture doesn’t have to be serious. Playtime isn’t just for the kids.

Rest and recover

There’s nothing better than a good hot bath after a tough workout or a long work shift on your feet. Hot water helps muscles relax and soothes aches and pains. Adding Epsom salts to the water can help ease muscle pains and after a salt bath, skin feels exfoliated and rejuvenated.  

Like you just stepped out of a salon

Regardless of gender, a bath is a great opportunity to up your skincare game. Choose a moisturising bubble bath, or leave the bubbles out and add high quality bath oil to the water instead. 

If you need exfoliation, try a salt bath. Coupled with a good body scrub, a bath is a great opportunity to slough off those dead skin cells. Start with dry brushing before your bath, then after soaking for at least 15 minutes, use a mitt or loofah to gently scrub skin.

You’ll find skin feels so much fresher than when you try to give it a quick scrub down in the shower. Add some oil to your skin before drying off to leave your skin feeling super spoilt.