8 Simple Ways To Restyle & Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget

09 Nov

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, everyone wants to save a few pounds. 

Work with the bathroom you have got.  Simple changes to the room can have a huge impact so don’t panic and think you need to purchase an entirely new suite to achieve a new look.  Salvage whatever you can from the current design.  This can save you a small fortune but don’t salvage items that may cost you more in the long run.  For example, if you have a leaking shower tray, don’t spend money working around it and updating the bathroom when it isn’t going to solve the problem of the leaking shower tray.  Change the tray and then work with what you have got.

Take on any DIY tasks you feel confident to tackle yourself.  This can save you huge amounts of money in the long run.  Paint those walls yourself, sand and re-gloss your skirting boards yourself, and re-hang a new mirror yourself.  Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself?

Most importantly set yourself a budget for this project.  Have a look at the current space and decide what you want out of it.  Research online and set a realistic budget. Shop around when purchasing items for this revamp, don’t buy from just one place.  Take advantage of retailers’ sales and free delivery promotions.  Stick to that budget, you set it for a reason!

Here are a few simple low-cost ideas to revamp your bathroom while working within a budget.

  1. Start with changing the colour.

Changing the colour of a room can completely change the feel and style instantly.  Explore different ideas and experiment with different colours and paint types.  Chalk paint can add a rustic feel to your bathroom or you can use stencils to bring in another style, look, or colour.  Simply painting your bathroom door or woodwork can change the room drastically.  Don’t be afraid to use dark bold colours in your room.  Many people are scared dark colours will close the room in and make it feel small but in some cases, it can have the opposite effect and create a dramatic cosy space.  If you have floor-to-ceiling tiles you can use tile paint to change up the colour.


  1. De-clutter your room

De-cluttering your bathroom will not only help you take inventory of all your pots and potions but will also give your bathroom an update.  Turning a cluttered messy space into a relaxing, clean, fresh area in which you can relax.  Check the packaging on all your products and start by getting rid of all the expired ones.  If you are reluctant to get rid of products, shop for a budget-friendly storage unit or use some baskets.  An idea is to have a basket full of bathroom products but keep it hidden away in a cupboard or hot press so that when you need them you can just bring the basket in with you and then pack it all away again when you are finished keeping the bathroom clean, organised and de-cluttered at all times.


  1. Shop around

If you find yourself needing to purchase items to revamp your space then shop around.  Many retailers hold sales throughout the year and you can take advantage of them. Use google to find your local showrooms and visit them to discuss your plans.  Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any sales or discount periods coming up and then hold off purchasing until then.


  1. Change up your towels

Updating your towels is literally the cheapest and easiest way to update your bathroom.  Also, think about how you display them, you didn’t purchase new towels to have them stored away in a cupboard.  Think about investing in a towel rail/rack or a nice shelf to display them.  There are many different videos on google and youtube on how to fold and display towels in different styles and ways.

  1. Add a large mirror

Mirrors are the focal point in any bathroom.  If used correctly even the smallest of spaces can be made to feel bigger with a large mirror reflecting light and making a dark bathroom bright and cheery.  Go as big as your space can handle to bounce as much light around as possible.  Larger mirrors will maximise your bathroom’s sense of space and change the entire look and feel of the room.  Not only can adding a mirror create an illusion of more space but you can also cleverly hide storage space with a mirrored cabinet and if you have the electrical points, you can add a mirror with lights to add another element to your revamp.


  1. Upcycle current pieces

Many items in your current bathroom can be upcycled and restyled adding to your budget-friendly revamp.  Refresh your bath by painting your tired discoloured old bath panel.  Make sure to choose colours that will complement the rest of your décor and ensure you use the correct type of paint or look into the vinyl wrap to cover the panel.  If you have a cast iron free-standing bath many of these can be painted on the outside, again this would freshen up the look.  Upcycle existing tired vanity units that are in need of some TLC and breathe some new life into them.  Pinterest is great for ideas on upcycling.

Please ensure you check and use the correct products etc


  1. Add plants

By adding plants to your bathroom you are keeping up with the biophilic trend.  Choose the best air-purifying plants to bring the outdoors in and detox your space. There are endless ways to add plants into your space from macrame hangers to ceramic pots.  Adding a touch of greenery to the décor can help make a bathroom a more pleasant space.

Remember bathrooms are warm and humid places so ensure you choose plants that will survive in that setting.  If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, they try adding some fake indoor plants.


  1. Redress your window area

Most bathrooms have a window and a simple way to upgrade and modernize your bathroom is to redress this area.  Start by removing all clutter and really taking a look at the space.  If it is a wooden window frame, does it need a fresh lick of paint?  Look at the blinds, every bathroom needs privacy but are your blinds dated or damaged?  Choose a light-coloured fabric that is thin enough to let the natural light flow through and not block it.  Ensure you select a fabric that will hold up well in humid conditions.  As well as fabric blinds there is a wide selection of faux wood blinds/shutters, vinyl roller blinds, and aluminum blinds.  These styles offer plenty of privacy as well as style and they are suitable for the humidity and moisture present in bathrooms.  Shop around and use Pinterest for more great ideas for window dressing and the huge impact a few simple changes can have in your room.


Ensure you check all products and methods are suitable for your bathroom and needs as Bathline is in no way responsible.