Roca Bathrooms

Aesthetics and functionality that looks sleek, while remaining practical.

Stunning design balanced with subtle elegance.

Roca have over 85 years’ experience in creating outstanding bathroom designs. Its is a brand is renowned for creating stylish and high-performing bathrooms and is trusted around the world.

Roca bathroom suites are designed in a variety of styles providing a careful balance of aesthetics and functionality that looks sleek, while remaining practical.

With a variety bold, contemporary options and traditional and elegant designs - depending on your style of bathroom décor, Roca bathrooms will perfectly complement your bathroom's look and feel.

  • Roca Gap Cleanrim Wetroom

    Roca Gap Range Cleanrim Wetroom

  • Roca Inspira Wetroom

    Roca Inspira Range Wetroom

  • Roca Inwash WC Toilet

  • Roca Victorian N Lifestyle Bathroom

  • Roca Inspira Storage Unit

  • Roca Inwash Lifestyle Bathroom