Multipanel Wall Panelling

Create vibrant and bespoke bathrooms with quick and easy installation that brightens up your home

Elegant solutions for beautiful bathrooms

Multipanel brings a whole new world ofย bathroom design options. Set your imagination free and create beautiful waterproof spaces that last. Quick and easy to install, Multipanel available from Bathline, is the new inspiring and luxurious way to refurbish your home bathroom.

Choose from a wide range of beautifulย options for ultimate design flexibility. Gloss and textured finishes include a range of natural stone, precious stone and marble effects for your bathroom for an on-trend look.ย  Enjoy the reassurance and convenience of easy to clean and mould free interiors.


  • Mulitpanel Red Reflect Range Bathroom Panelling

  • Mulitpanel Classic Range Bathroom Panelling

  • Multipanel Slate Bathroom

    Multipanel Purple and Slate Grey Plus Range Panelling

  • Multipanel Verde Mare and Oak Graphite Natural Wood Plus Range Panelling

  • Mulitpanel Fuscia Reflect Range Bathroom Panelling

  • Mulitpanel Tile Wall Range Bathroom Panelling